Please note: this event has been rescheduled to Friday, April 8 at 12:00pm in the Darman Seminar Room. The event was originally scheduled for Friday, February 19 at 12:00pm in the Fainsod Room.

A seminar with Amanda Rizkallah, Pre-doctoral Research Fellow, Middle East Initiative and Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science, University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA). Part of the Middle East Initiative Research Fellow Seminar Series.

Moderated by Tarek Masoud, Sultan of Oman Associate Professor of International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School.

This paper explores the long-term consequences of civil war for political competition and accountability. Focusing on Lebanon, it investigates how legacies of wartime armed group control interact with international intervention in the conflict resolution process to shape post-war party development and electoral competition.

For more about Amanda Rizkallah, click here. For a highlight on her research on post-civil war Lebanon, click here.