The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an intractable conflict, a complex phenomenon that has encouraged some analysts to suggest a "conflict management" rather than a "conflict resolution" approach to peacemaking. The speakers will describe and evaluate four models of peacemaking that grow out of these strategies. The first, the "dictator" model, involves unilateral action by one of the parties. The second, the "anarchist" model, encourages domestic reforms within each of the two societies. The third, the "diplomat" model, uses bargaining between political elites from both sides, as in the Oslo peace process of the 1990s. The fourth, the "democrat" model, proposes the creation of public, multiparty negotiating forums, based on the model used in South Africa and Ireland. The speakers will conclude that a multifaceted approach that includes elements from all four models is necessary to create conditions for a more constructive peace process.

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