The aim of the “International Conference on Technology and Innovation for Global Development” (4–5 June, 2012) is to explore how emerging technologies are shaping global economies and human wellbeing. It takes stock of the relevance of the work of Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter for developing countries and applies it to advances in polymer research—an emerging field with profound implications for global development in diverse fields such as industry, agriculture, health, water, shelter and environmental management.

The conference coincides with the centenary of the publication of Schumpeter’s seminal work, The Theory of Economic Development (1911). The conference will be held in conjunction with the annual Innovation for Economic Development executive program. The conference will bring together participants from academia, industry, government and civil society to explore advances in polymer research and its application to global development. It will also examine efforts to design new institutional arrangements aimed at harnessing the power of polymer technology for improving human wellbeing and enhancing global competitiveness.

This event is co-sponsored by the Center of Excellency PoliMaT - Polymer Materials and Technologies, Slovenia