“Black Hawk Down” It’s been twenty years since the Battle in Mogadishu altered American involvement in Africa and produced two Medals of Honor and three Silver Stars.

Black Hawk Down is the true story of Task Force Ranger, who were sent to Somalia to put an end to the clan warfare and capture the most powerful warlord in the impoverished African nation. What was supposed to be a routine mission, turned into the fierce 18 hour Battle of Mogadishu that claimed the lives of 18 American servicemen and 73 wounded.

Starring Josh Hartnett and Ewan McGregor

Directed by Scott Ridley

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The “Military Film Series,” sponsored by Belfer Center’s Defense and Intelligence Projects, examines moral and ethical dilemmas portrayed in films about war and conflict. Students are confronted with the choices made in war and asked to analyze and assess those choices.