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Analysis & Opinions - NPR.org

WBUR's Radio Boston: Nicholas Burns on U.S. Military Strike On Syria

| Apr. 07, 2017

On Thursday, President Trump ordered a military strike on "the airfield in Syria where the chemical weapons attack was launched." He said that "it is in the vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons." It was the first direct American assault on President Bashar al-Assad's regime since the Syrian civil war began six years ago.

Nicholas Burns talks with WBUR/Radio Boston. 

Donald Trump

Michael Vadon

Analysis & Opinions - Financial Times

Donald Trump’s welcome show of U.S. global leadership

| Apr. 07, 2017

Nicholas Burns's April 7 op-ed in the weekend edition of the Financial Times on the U.S. cruise missile strikes against the Syrian Air Force. His major points are:

  • He supports President Trump's decision. The U.S. should not tolerate Asad's use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians.
  • The Trump Administration needs a strategy for what comes next. They may consider working with Turkey to establish safe havens for civilians protected by a No Flight Zone. This carries enormous risk. Tread carefully.
  • The U.S. should push hard to resume UN-sponsored negotiations for a cease-fire and an eventual settlement to end the war. It may take years. But this is how the war will end.
  • Trump should reverse course and admit Syrian refugees into the U.S. This is the most direct way to help in the most horrific refugee crisis since World War Two.
  • Finally, this often brash and impulsive President should not conclude that the Syria strikes can be replicated easily elsewhere, such as in North Korea.  

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Analysis & Opinions - CBSNews.com

CBS Evening News: Jared Kushner's foreign policy role grows despite lack of experience

| Apr. 03, 2017

Officials in the White House and Iraq have confirmed to CBS News that Jared Kushner is traveling to Iraq. President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser is traveling ahead of the president's meeting this week with three foreign leaders, including China's president. Nicholas Burns comments for CBS Evening News. 

Nicholas Burns HFAC Hearing

House Foreign Affairs Office


The Budget, Diplomacy, and Development

| Mar. 28, 2017

On March 28, 2017, Professor Nicholas Burns, alongside Stephen Krasner of the Hoover Institution and Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the implications of the Trump Administration's proposed 31% reduction in the budget for the State Department and USAID for fiscal year 2018.

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Analysis & Opinions - MSNBC.com

Nicholas Burns: Trump's Wiretap Allegation Is "The Most Dishonest Statement that the President Has Made"

| Mar. 16, 2017

"When in American history has a president accused his predecessor of a felony, of breaking the law? This is unfair to President Obama, who did no such thing. It's unfair to the American people that our president -- our current president -- would stoop so low. And then to prevaricate again and to allege again that there's information forthcoming. This is not serious. It's not how a president should act. It's shameful behavior."