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BCSIA Annual Report, 1977-1978: Former Members Of The Research Staff

7. Former Members of the Research Staff


More than 50 individuals have been in residence at PSIA as research fellows and graduate students since the establishment of the Program in 1973. Listed below are the former members of the research staff, along with their periods of residence at PSIA and their current affiliations.

Name, Period of Residence at PSIA and Current Affiliation

Baker, Steven (1975-76) University of Texas, Austin
Blacker, Coit (1975-77) Stanford University
Brenner, Michael (1973-74) University of Pittsburgh
Brent, Stephen (1976-77) Kennedy School of Government, Harvard
Bupp, Irwin (1973-75) Harvard Business School
Cahn, Anne (1973-76) Arms Control & Disarmament Agency
Casper, Barry (1975-76) Carleton College (Minnesota)
Derian, Jean-Claude (1974-75) Government of France
Evron, Yair (1975-77) Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv
Flynn, Gregory (1974-76) Atlantic Institute for International Affairs, Paris
Garwin, Richard (1974-75) IBM Corporation
Garwin, Thomas (1973-76) Kennedy School of Government, Harvard
Glassman, Jon (1973-74) Department of State
Graham, Loren (1976-77) Columbia University

Greenwood, Ted (1973-77) Office of Science & Technology Policy, Executive office of the PresidentHassan, Sana (1976-77) Center for International Affairs, Harvard
Heller, Mark (1976-77) Boston College
Heradsveit, Daniel (1975-76) Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
Jacobsen, Carl (1973-75) Acadia University, Acadia, Nova Scotia
Kemp, Geoffrey (1974-77) Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Kruzel, Joseph (1973-76) Duke University
Kubbig, Bernd (1976-77) Philipps Universita"t at Marburg, Germany
Lellouche, Pierre (1974-75) Maison des Sciences de l''Homme, Paris
Leventhal, Paul (1976-77) Brookings Institution, Washington
Lowrance, William (1975-77) Stanford University
McGaffigan, Edward (1974-75) Department of State
McNaugher, Thomas (1975-76) RAND Corporation
Morris, Frederick (1975-77) Battelle Pacific Northwest, Seattle
Ostreng, Willy (1973-74) The Fridtjof Nansen Foundation, PolhOgda, Norway
Pollock, David (1976-77) George Washington University
Rattinger, Johannes (1974-75) University of Freiburg, Germany
Schoettle, Enid (1974-75) The Ford Foundation
Sienkiewicz, Stanley (1975-77) Department of Defense
Smith, Constance (1974-75) Webster & Sheffield, Attorneys, New York City
Steinbruner, John (1973-77) Brookings Institution, Washington
Stivers, Ronald (1974-75) Department of Defense
Stokes, William (1976-77) U.S. Army
Waengborg, Manne (1975-76) Swedish National Defense Research Institute
Winkler, Theodor (1976-77) Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva
Yochelson, John (1973-75) Georgetown Center for Strategic & International Studies
Zimmerman, Peter (1974-77) Kennedy School of Government, Harvard

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