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Evacuees wade down a flooded section of Interstate 610 in Houston


Analysis & Opinions - CNN

Trump Has to Rely on the 'Swamp' for Hurricane Harvey Response

| Aug. 25, 2017

"Hurricane Harvey is destined to be the first major homeland security and emergency management crisis the Trump administration has faced. And, ironically, it is at this moment that President Donald Trump will be judged on how well he lets a bureaucracy he so often maligns or denigrates actually do its job."

Donald Trump and Mike Pence


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Why Trump Should Resist Temptation to Pardon His Team

| July 18, 2017

"Donald Trump is already enabling Russia with his lack of action. He doesn't even affirm the assessment by our intelligence agencies that Russia disrupted our elections; in statements, he still caveats the possibility that Russia did it with asides that it could have been others. He appears not to have challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin in any meaningful way when they met at the G20. States and localities have not been given any advice about how to protect their election systems going forward."

message written on the pavement in Manchester, England


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We Want Our Kids to Be Fearless. Then This Happens

| May 23, 2017

"No parent is thinking about raising fearless kids right now. Their kids will be tied to them by their metaphoric leashes for the foreseeable future. That's the real power of this attack: not only are the victims so particularly undeserving, they are also among the most vulnerable in the immediate aftermath when terror like this strikes."

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke leaves Trump Tower


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Milwaukee’s Sheriff Clarke Wants My Old Homeland Security Job. He's Unfit.

| May 18, 2017

"I've never met Clarke, but based on his inflammatory rhetoric, along with the cloud hanging over his tenure in Milwaukee, I'll just come right out and say it: He’s not fit to serve at the agency tasked with domestic security for all Americans."

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper take their seats on Capitol Hill


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Clapper: Putin Did it to Demean Clinton and Help Elect Trump

| May 08, 2017

"Clapper ended his statement with a reminder to the American public and the Senators of what this investigation is really about: Russia did, without doubt and with little consequence, deploy resources and tactics to disrupt America's presidential election — to undermine Hillary Clinton, and to help Trump's campaign. Stated without drama or emotion, it was nonetheless sobering."

Juliette Kayyem with Dean Douglas Elmendorf before a JFK Jr. Forum on President Trump’s executive orders on immigration. (Benn Craig)

Benn Craig

- Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Homeland Security Project Focuses on Immigration and Borders, Threats and Resiliency

Under the leadership of the Belfer Center's Juliette Kayyem, the Homeland Security Project will focus on the challenges in protecting the U.S.