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Belfer Center Launches Virtual Forum: Power & Policy

Spring 2011

On February 1, the Belfer Center launched the blog Power & Policy with a post by Harvard Distinguished University Professor Joseph S. Nye titled “Power and Policy in an Information Age” and a follow­up post by Center Director Graham Allison headlined “Disagreeing with Joe Nye.” These posts, from top Harvard schol­ars, set the stage for what the Center hopes will be a dynamic forum for new ideas and lively point­counterpoint discussions.

Power & Policy is a virtual forum for debating the exercise of American power int he world. The principal bloggers are Belfer Center scholars who have spend decades studying how power workds.  Many have been in positions of power, so they understand first hand the realities and constraints. The blog invites senior diplomat and non­resident fellow submissions from guest bloggers, and encourages lively, civil discussion through comments.

Power & Policy’s inaugural blogging team includes: Graham Allison, Nicholas Burns, Richard Clarke, Steven E. Miller, Joseph S. Nye, Meghan O’Sullivan, Monica Duffy Toft, and ­Stephen M. Walt.

Hosted by Belfer Center Communications Director James Smith, Power & Policy can be accessed from the Belfer Center homepage at http://belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/power/.

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