Broadmoor Project Announces 2008 Summer Internships

March 2008

Summer internships in community-driven disaster recovery in the Broadmoor neighborhood of New Orleans


The HKS-Broadmoor Project for Community Engagement in New Orleans is pleased to announce up to 3 paid summer internships in community-driven disaster recovery in the Broadmoor neighborhood of New Orleans. The initiative is designed to provide an opportunity for Kennedy School students to apply their policy analysis training, research skills and operations and leadership experience to support community-based recovery and redevelopment efforts in New Orleans in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. This is the third year of the Broadmoor summer internships, and it provides a unique opportunity to build on earlier work done by HKS students.  Interns will work with residents and community leaders in Broadmoor to plan and implement the recovery of their community. The initiative is facilitated by the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and sponsored by Shell Exploration and Production.


Interns will be in New Orleans from June 1–August 30 and will receive a stipend of $2,000 per month. A housing stipend and round-trip airfare will be also provided.

Application Process and deadline:

Please email your CV and a cover letter tailored to one of the three openings listed below to by 5:00 pm Friday, April 4. We will notify you if you have been selected for an interview. Interviews will take place on Friday, April 11.

Position Descriptions

Educational Corridor Recovery Zone Specialist


The heart of the neighborhood is envisioned as an Education Corridor, which will rebuild the neighborhood with a focus on education and community. The Education Corridor is a three-block area anchored on one end by the Rosa F. Keller Library and Community Center and at the other end by the Wilson Charter School and the Broadmoor Center of Leadership and Development. The concept of the Broadmoor Education Corridor is built on national best practices which promotes a community nexus of educational, cultural, social and health institutions and services as the core of the neighborhood. The physical proximity of the facilities will be complemented by a set of programs that integrate the library, community center, elementary school, day-care center, adult-learning/literacy classrooms, playground and recreational center. The library/community center and the school are the first two rebuilding projects in Broadmoor. These critical civic institutions must exist within the neighborhood in order to give residents the confidence required to repopulate and achieve the goal of rebuilding better than before.

Overview of Responsibilities

  • Act as a liaison between the Broadmoor Development Corporation (BDC) and the City of New Orleans’ Office of Recovery Management to advance the projects identified in the Broadmoor Recovery Zone.
  • Analyze the physical plans (streetscape designs, etc.) for the Education Corridor inclusive of traffic calming circle to promote a pedestrian-friendly environment.
  • Evaluate the infrastructure and technological needs of the Education Corridor relative to the library, school and leadership center.
  • Develop a technological infrastructure plan and detailed plan for implementation.
  • Research and identify potential technology grants, partners and resources to execute implementation plan.
  • Coordinate disparate projects within the Broadmoor Education Corridor into a seamless vision and develop a detailed long-range plan for operationalizing the corridor.  Create and hand-off a comprehensive document that will be used to introduce the concept to potential partners and donors.

CommunityLeadership CenterConsultant


The Broadmoor Development Corporation (BDC), Broadmoor Improvement Association (BIA) and the Broadmoor Charter School Board (BCSB) are organizations driven and supported by residents of the Broadmoor community. In order to sustain growth and promote progress, there is an immediate need to build capacity and develop leadership skills for residents of all ages in order to maintain the organizations that will support the vision and mission of the Broadmoor community for years to come.

Overview of Responsibilities

  • Research and evaluate proven models of capacity-building programs
  • Assess the leadership development capacity and needs within the Broadmoor community.
  • Design various leadership and development programs for all ages from youth to senior citizens.Research funding sources to support program development and implementation.
  • Create and hand-off a detailed long-range plan for operationalizing the leadership center as well as a comprehensive document that will be used to introduce the concept to potential partners and donors.

Communications and Development Consultant


The Broadmoor Development Corporation (BDC) is charged with implementing the vision laid out by the residents of Broadmoor in their comprehensive recovery plan, and the BDC is committed to keeping residents informed about its progress toward this goal.  To meet Broadmoor’s recovery goals, the BIA strategically develops partnerships with an array of institutions including universities, corporations, foundations, churches, non-profits and government who also need to be kept appraised of developments in Broadmoor’s recovery process.  The Communications and Development Consultant will assist Broadmoor in developing and executing web and print materials to support ongoing collaborations and expand the network of partners.      

Overview of Responsibilities

  • Design and execute Web content and print materials to document and promote existing and prospective initiatives in Broadmoor.
  • In partnership with BDC staff and community leadership, design, pilot and implement a communications strategy and materials to keep Broadmoor residents informed about ongoing redevelopment activities (the charter school, ongoing housing initiatives, etc.). 
  • Identify, solicit and engage partner institution(s) in the communications and public relations field to provide pro bono support to Broadmoor on an ongoing basis. 

Special Job Requirements for All Positions:

  • Interns should be able to work independently with little oversight to develop and advance projects.
  • Interns should be willing and able to embrace and support the community’s overarching vision and leadership structure, and they should proactively work to keep community leaders abreast of their activities and progress on an ongoing basis, dynamically integrating feedback from the community and external partners.
  • Interns should be detail–oriented and able to produce step-by-step guides to operationalizing critical components of the recovery process.  
  • Interns should have strong research, writing and communication skills and be willing to work as part of team.
  • Workloads and projects are subject to change and applicants should be comfortable with multi-tasking and managing multiple projects at once.
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