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DOE FY09 Budget Request for Energy Research, Development & Demonstration – Commentary


Laura Diaz Anadon, Kelly Sims Gallagher, and Matthew Bunn offer a detailed and comprehensive look into the FY09 DOE request for energy RD&D, investigating changes in each of the major areas: renewable energy, efficiency, hydrogen, energy storage, fossil, and nuclear. They argue that Congress and the administration are moving in some of the right directions - but not at the pace and scale that is required. Much bolder U.S. action on energy RD&D is critical in order to address today's energy and climate-related challenges.

They offer the following recommendations for federal spending priorities for energy RD&D:

  • Funding for renewable and efficiency RD&D should be substantially increased, as should funding for carbon sequestration RD&D and energy storage.
  • The request for nuclear RD&D should be reduced in the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative and the funds redirected to long-term research on improving both open and closed fuel cycles.
  • A more substantial fund should be established for international cooperation on low-carbon RD&D, and its details should be carefully drafted.

This commentary is one product of a three-year initiative supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation in which ETIP researchers are: 1) Developing policy recommendations for an expanded U.S. federal energy-technology innovation endeavor; 2) Evaluating the U.S. federal energy research, development, and demonstration budget on an annual basis; and 3) Assessing the energy technology innovation activities in the public and private sectors in the United States and internationally.

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For Academic Citation: Anadon, Laura Diaz, Kelly Sims Gallagher, and Matthew Bunn. “DOE FY09 Budget Request for Energy Research, Development & Demonstration – Commentary.” Energy Technology Innovation Policy Project, Belfer Center, June 3, 2008.