The European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council

| Mar. 21, 2011

Dubai Initiative Fellow Justin Dargin presents at the Dubai School of Government a lecture on the EU's energy policy vis-a-vis the Gulf Cooperation Council.

This lecture gives a thorough overview of the EU's energy policy and discuss how by focusing on stronger relationships with the Gulf Cooperation Council, in particular with Qatar, the EU would be able to meet its 20/20/20 strategy. The global financial crisis and its impact on the EU's energy policy will be analyzed to determine the scope of the potential relationship between the EU and the Gulf Cooperation Council. The lecture also discusses the potential of Central and Eastern Europe to develop a proactive role in EU energy security through increased pipeline integration with the rest of the EU, as well as serving as a entry point for Gulf LNG.

Watch the lecture.

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For Academic Citation: Dargin, Justin. "The European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Counci: Forging a New Strategic Relationship." Presentation at the Dubai School of Government. March 21, 2011.

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