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John White Honored for Service to Harvard and Country

Spring 2012

To honor longtime Belfer Center lecturer John White on his retirement from teaching at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), a number of colleagues and friends joined him and his wife, Betty, in December for a dinner and festivities that included numerous toasts and stories.

Deputy Secretary of Defense and former Belfer Center director Ashton B. Carter, remembered more than a decade of teaching joint courses with White, a former deputy secretary of defense. Carter noted that a large number of White’s former students are now in the Department of Defense and national security establishments around the world and regularly express gratitude for what they learned from “Professor White.”

Celebrated for his service to Harvard and the country, White’s achievements and impact were noted by many, including Belfer Center Director Graham Allison, a former assistant secretary of defense, and by colleagues William Perry, former deputy secretary and secretary of defense, and John Deutch, former deputy secretary of defense and director of CIA.

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