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México City Metrobús System Wins 2009 Roy Award

| Spring 2010

The México City Metrobús, a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while improving the quality of life and transportation options in one of the largest cities in the world, received the biannual 2009 Roy Family Award for Environmental Partnership in September.

"This model is transferable to cities throughout the developing world-cities that are wrestling with the dual problem of moving people around in a highly congested area, while combating very high pollution levels," said Henry Lee, director of the Belfer Center's Environment and Natural Resources Program (ENRP), in announcing the winner.

The Metrobús system resulted from a partnership between EMBARQ-The World Resources Institute Center for Sustainable Transport-and CEIBA (a Mexican NGO) and the México City government, with funding and support from the Shell Foundation, Caterpillar Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, and the World Bank. Through this collaboration, EMBARQ, CEIBA and México City established the Center for Sustainable Transport in México (CTS-México), which has provided ongoing technical assistance to the Metrobús system.

Metrobús has reduced carbon dioxide emissions from México City traffic by an estimated 80,000 tons a year. The new buses, which operate on clean-burning ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, make more than 450,000 trips per day.

México City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard an d CTS-México sponsored an event in November celebrating the Roy Family Award. At the ceremony, Ebrard confirmed the city's commitment to improving public transportation by announcing that the city will build two additional Metrobús lines in 2010.

"Metrobús' achievement in improving the local infrastructure and quality of life inMéxico City, its innovative approach to partnering with local stakeholders, and the commitment to address a combination of critical issues exemplify the mission of this award," said Amanda Swanson, ENRP program administrator who attended the event. "We hope it catalyzes many other award-worthy projects in the years to come."

EMBARQ and CTS-México also are now advising other cities in México on developing their own BRT systems. The organizations provided technical and financial support to help launch Guadalajara's Macrobus, which opened in March 2009.

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