Neighborhood Leadership Forum with Boston's Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

Dec. 01, 2007

Best Practices in Neigborhood Revitalization

On December 1, 2007 members of Boston's Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative led "Best Practices in Neighborhood Revitalization," the second training and workshop in a series of leadership forums the Broadmoor Project is sponsoring in New Orleans.

Neighbors chat at leadership forum.As neighborhood leaders work to rebuild the physical and social aspects of their communities, lessons are learned and best practices are established. The sharing of these best practices is a key way for neighborhoods to learn from one another – to emulate what works and avoid the pitfalls of what does not. Neighborhoods can also look to national best practice models for community revitalization.  The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) in Boston is a national model for how devastated neighborhoods can rebuild themselves from within. DSNI’s mission is: “To empower Dudley residents to organize, plan for, create and control a vibrant, Leadership Forumdiverse and high quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners.”  

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

More information about the Broadmoor Project’s New Orleans Leadership Forum Series

The goal of the neighborhood leadership forum on Best Practices was to provide a hands-on workshop where people leave with ideas, skills, and resources they can use to implement real initiatives in their neighborhoods. Below are slides that were presented at the Forum by Leadership Breakoutneighborhood leaders in the City of New Orleans.

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