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New Center Books Sharpen Global Debate on Critical Issues

Spring 2011

Three new publications by Belfer Center scholars have emerged on the global stage this spring, contributing significantly to dynamic dialogue on critical issues: shifts in the nature and use of power, the resurgence of religion in politics, and how Africa can feed itself in a generation.

In her book, God’s Century: Resurgent Reli­gion and Global Politics, Harvard Kennedy School Associate Professor Monica Duffy Toft and her co­authors show how and why religion’s influence on global politics is surg­ing.

Calestous Juma’s book The New Harvest: Agricultural Innovation in Africa has received worldwide attention for suggesting concrete ways Africa can transform its agri­culture into a force for economic growth and feed itself in one generation.

Joseph S. Nye writes in The Future of Powerabout the changes taking place in global power. In the future, Nye says, power “will come from the ability to navigate the infor­mation lanes of cyberspace and control the narrative that influences people.”

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