Plans for Andrew H. Wilson Elementary School Released

Jan. 21, 2008

Architects presented the plans below to Broadmoor residents for the construction of the rebuilt Andrew H. Wilson Elementary School. Construction will begin this spring and continue in time for a September 2009 opening. The neighborhood-run charter school is currently in a temporary facility, but will move into the rebuilt Wilson School building when it is completed. 

The Wilson School, Keller Library & Broadmoor Community Center will serve as the anchors of the Education Corridor. The residents of Broadmoor decided to use education as the central and distinguishing concept around which they rebuild their neighborhood. The Wilson school will be made up of green LEED certified buildings.

In September, the Wilson School in Broadmoor was selected by the state of Louisiana (Recovery School District) to be a "Quick-Start" school. It is one of five schools in all of New Orleans that will be rebuilt between now and 2010.

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