Discussion Paper - Harvard Project on Climate Agreements, Belfer Center

Policies for Developing Country Engagement

  • Daniel S. Hall
  • Michael A. Levi
  • William A. Pizer
  • Takahiro Ueno
| October 2008


A successful global effort to mitigate global climate change will require substantial cooperation between developed and developing countries. Even as the bulk of the developed world is at some stage of enacting significant domestic regulations to meet global stabilization goals, growth in developing country emissions will easily thwart those goals unless a cooperative solution is found. We argue that there is a wide range of options that should be pursued, including domestic policy reforms in developing countries, expanded financing mechanisms to address incremental costs, and diplomatic efforts in a variety of forums, all aimed at increasing developing country mitgation efforts over time.

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For Academic Citation: Hall, Daniel S., Michael Levi, William A. Pizer, and Takahiro Ueno. “Policies for Developing Country Engagement.” Discussion Paper, 08-15, Harvard Project on Climate Agreements, Belfer Center, October 2008.

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