Professor with Belfer Ties Named Leader of Greece

Nov. 10, 2011

Lucas Papademos, theMinos A. Zombanakis Professor at Harvard Kennedy School, has been named prime minister of Greece following the resignation of PM George Papandreou. Papademos will lead an interim government of national unity until elections in just over three months.

Papademos is a former Vice-President of the European Central Bank and was Governor of the Bank of Greece from 1994 to 2002.

He is a visiting professor at Harvard Kennedy School, a professor of economics at the University of Athens, and senior fellow at the Center for Financial Studies, Goethe University, Frankfurt. At Harvard, Papademos has taught courses on “Macroeconomic and Financial Policy in the Global Economy,” and “The Global Financial Crisis: Policy Responses and Challenges.”

Papademos was named Zombanakis Professor in April 2011. The professorship was established last year with a $4 million endowment honoring Minos Zombanakis, a Harvard alumnus and member of the Belfer Center’s International Council. Zombanakis earned Harvard degrees in economics and public administration, and has spent his career in banking. He is recognized for founding roles in the Euroloan markets, the syndicated loan market and the creation of the London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR.

Papademos addressed a dinner of the Belfer Center International Council’s annual meeting in April, describing Europe’s economic crisis and the prospects for getting through it without severe damage. Another speaker at the dinner was Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chairman and Obama Administration economic adviser who also is a Belfer Center International Council member.

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