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Readings in the Field of Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

This is the latest version of a document periodically produced sine the early 1980s. It combines an outline of the field of natural rseouce and enviornmental economics with a bibliography of 945 references. In the past, this reading list has been used in a variety of ways: as a guide to the literature for graduate students in departments of economics which do not offer a Ph.D.-level survey course of the field; as a resource for Ph.D. students who wish to devleop a directed readings course in theild; and as an aid to students at the amsters and undergraduate levels who wish to explore selected areas in greater depth.

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For Academic Citation: Pfaff, Alexander, F., and Robert Stavins. “Readings in the Field of Natural Resource and Environmental Economics.” Discussion Paper, E-99-06, Harvard Kennedy School, .

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Robert N. Stavins