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Soviet Strategic Thought, 1917-91

  • Andrei A. Kokoshin


"Andrei Kokoshin's new book demonstrates why the current debate about Russia's role in the world is so important. Kokoshin is bright, incisive and in a position to play an important part in rethinking Russia's identity and security."
-- Sam Nunn, U.S. Senator, 1972-97

During the Cold War, Westerners were obsessed with the military policies of the Soviet Union. Until the demise of the Soviet Union, however, few details of Moscow's thinking on military matters were available. In this book, Andrei Kokoshin reveals how Soviet military theorists developed and debated the concepts that provided the basis for the Kremlin's defense policies. Drawing on Soviet-era archives and unpublished materials, he sheds light on this important chapter in the history of Russia and the world.

The book covers three main themes: the relationship between politics and military strategy in the Soviet Union; how the Soviet political and military leadership assessed threats to Soviet security, the nature of future wars, and methods of warfare; and the relationship between offense and defense in Soviet military strategy. Kokoshin places the strategic concepts behind Moscow's military policies in the context of internal and international struggles for power, and assesses the future role of military power in Russia's national security strategy.

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Soviet Strategic Thought, 1917-91
Andrei A. Kokoshin
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