Advance Praise

Henry Kissinger“Thucydides’s Trap identifies a cardinal challenge to world order: the impact of a rising power on a ruling power. I read the book with great interest. I can only hope that the US-China relationship becomes the fifth case to resolve itself peacefully, rather than the thirteenth to result in war.”

HENRY KISSINGER, former United States Secretary of State

Joe Biden“Graham Allison makes our toughest foreign policy dilemmas accessible to experts and everyday citizens alike. That’s why I regularly sought his counsel both as a senator and as vice president. In Destined for War, Allison lays out one of the defining challenges of our time—managing the critical relationship between China and the United States.”

JOE BIDEN, former Vice President of the United States

General Petraeus“One of the most insightful and thought-provoking books I have ever read on the most important relationship in the world: the US and China. If Graham Allison is right—and I think he is—China and the US must heed the lessons in this superb study in order to avoid a war which neither side would win.”

General (Ret.) DAVID PETREAUS, Chairman of the KKR Global Institute, former Director of the CIA, and former Commander of US Central Command

Walter Isaacson“Can the US avoid confrontation with China? That is the geopolitical question of our age. This important and fascinating book extracts lessons for how we can avoid such a clash.”

WALTER ISAACSON, author of Steve Jobs

Niall Ferguson“A hugely respected theorist and practitioner in the field of contemporary national security, Graham Allison is also a master of applied history. You can bet that China's leaders will read Allison's warnings about Thucydides's Trap. I only wish I could be as sure about America's leaders. But every informed citizen should buy a copy."

NIALL FERGUSON, senior fellow, the Hoover Institution, Stanford University,
and author of The War of the World

Chris Reich“A provocative thesis on one of today's most pressing foreign policy issues and a page turner of the first order, Destined For War is a must read.  Allison writes with the propulsive narrative drive appropriate for such an immediate and danger-fraught topic.

CHRISTOPHER REICH, author of Invasion of Privacy,
The Patriots’ Club, and Numbered Account

Kevin Rudd"Allison charts an essential course to avoid a catastrophic collision. Destined for War will be studied and debated for decades.”

KEVIN RUDD, former Prime Minister of Australia