Elbe Group Join Statement
Naples, Italy: March 15-16, 2018

Additional Statement by the U.S. Members of the Elbe Group

On Strategic Stability and Cybersecurity:
The Elbe Group believes that the United States and the Russian Federation should reschedule the cancelled talks concerning Strategic Stability and Cyber at the earliest agreeable opportunity.

The Elbe Group believes that our countries should resolve interpretations of doctrine and strategy statements that may be misconstrued by each other, particularly with respect to the employment of nuclear weapons.

On the Current US-Russia Relationship:
The Elbe Group believes that the United States and Russia need to reestablish the conditions necessary for transparent and constructive engagements that will enable greater trust. In this period of increased tensions, The United States and the Russian Federation can resolve the conflicts and issues that separate us only if our leaders enter into a frank and serious bilateral dialogue. Where bilateral talks are not possible, the Elbe Group believes that multi-national forums can be used.

On WMD Terrorism:
The Elbe Group maintains its high level of concern about the threat of nuclear terrorism and is increasingly concerned that terrorists will obtain and use chemical or biological weapons. Continued high vigilance and strong bilateral cooperation is necessary to prevent terrorists from obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

On Expanding the Elbe Dialogue:
Understanding the danger of scaling down cooperation in all areas, the Elbe Group believes it necessary to engage additional experts, politicians (members of parliament) to discuss in an extended format and whenever necessary the most urgent international problems. 

The Elbe Group intends to expand its activities to include additional Elbe forums to continue to focus on the serious problems that face us.