Elbe Dialogue Statement on Cyber
23 October 2019


The Elbe Dialogue Group considers the issue of improving mutual trust between Russia and the U.S. through confidence building measures a top priority. 

Recognizing the increasing economic, social, and political importance of the internet, the Elbe Dialogue Group recommends mutual cessation of hostile use of the internet in the social and political spheres and encourages joint discussions and cooperation on combating cyber crime and cyber terrorism. 

During the Elbe Dialogue, competent experts discussed perspectives on the identification and attribution of cyber threats.  

Points we agreed on included:

  • Support for ‘Hot Lines’ between the authorized state bodies to exchange critically important information regarding threats to our states in cyberspace.
  • Need to establish broader international government participation in public-private partnerships to identify and neutralize cyber threats
  • Opposition to creation or employment of weapons to attack critical infrastructure. 
  • Support for a non-governmental international working group consisting of financial regulators and major banks to develop mechanisms of information exchange on cyber attacks. 
  • Support for the development of cooperative measures between the state and law-enforcement agencies, governmental bodies, and banks, to counter large scale cyber attacks against the financial sector, facilitate attribution of threats and attacks, and counter criminality in the "Dark Web."
  • Recognition of the need to improve bilateral cooperation against cyber crime and cyber terrorism.