Russian Federation:

  • General of the Army (ret) Anatoliy S. Kulikov, former Minister of Interior and former Deputy Prime Minister
  • General of the Army (ret) Valentin V. Korabelnikov, former Head, Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff
  • General of the Army Aleksandr V. Starovoitov, former Head of the Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information of the Russian Federation;
  • General Colonel (ret) Anatoliy E. Safonov, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Deputy Head of Federal Security Service
  • General Colonel (ret) Viktor I. Esin, former Chief of Staff, Strategic Rocket Forces
  • General Colonel (ret) Fedor I. Ladygin, former Head, Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff,
  • General Colonel (ret) Vladimir N. Verkhovtsev, former Head, 12th Main Directorate of Ministry of Defense
  • General Colonel Vladislav Putilin, former Head Mobilization
  • General Major (ret) Vladimir Z. Dvorkin, former Director, Fourth Central Research Institute of Ministry of Defense
  • General Major (ret) Pavel S. Zolotarev, former deputy chief of staff, Security Council
  • Colonel Vladimir Y. Goltsov, former officer of the Internal Troops of the RF Ministry of Interior and former employee of the RF Minatom

United States of America:

  • General Eugene Habiger USAF (ret), former Commander in Chief, Strategic Command
  • General John Abizaid USA (ret), former Commander Central Command
  • Lieutenant General Franklin Hagenbeck USA (ret), former Superintendent U.S. Military Academy and former Commander 10th Mountain Division
  • Lieutenant General Michael Maples USA (ret), former Director, Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Mr. Robert Dannenberg, former Chief of Operations for Counterterrorism, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Mr. Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, former Director, Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Department of Energy
  • Brigadier General Kevin Ryan USA (ret), former Defense Attache, Moscow