Erika Manouselis is currently the Project Coordinator for the Future of Diplomacy Project and for the Project on Europe and the Transatlantic Relationship. Previously, she worked as an advisor and speechwriter at the Permanent Mission of Brazil to the United Nations from 2016-2017. She was a research assistant for the Opening the Archives Project, a digitization effort aimed at documenting U.S.-Brazil Relations from 1960s-80s, and for The Brazil Reader: History, Culture, Politics. She was also a translator for a study of the implementation of Brazil’s National Common Core Curricular Base run by Colombia University's Consortium for Policy Research in Education. She holds a B.A. in Classics and political science with honors from Brown University, an MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History from the University of Cambridge, and a certificate in Marketing Management from the Harvard Extension School. She is a citizen of the U.S., Brazil, and the EU (Greece).

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