3 Special Initiatives

Arctic Initiative

The Arctic Initiative strives to contribute to the development of new programs and policies aimed at understanding what is happening in this critical region by initiating new research; by convening policy makers, scientists, and politicians; and by developing a new generation of public and private officials with a much greater knowledge of the factors that are affecting the Arctic ecosystems and their implications for the environmental, social, and economic systems around the globe.

Russia Matters

The aim of Russia Matters is to improve the understanding of Russia and the U.S.-Russian relationship among America’s policymakers and the concerned public. It does so by showcasing the best expertise on Russia and its relationships with the rest of the world, by providing relevant factual data and by offering related digests of news and analysis.


Thucydides Statue, Vienna, Austria

Chris JL / Flickr

Thucydides's Trap

Welcome to the Harvard Thucydides's Trap Project, where you can find information about Graham Allison's new book "Destined for War," explore the Thucydides's Trap Case File, and learn more about the defining challenge of the 21st century.