Harvard’s Iran Matters, a special research initiative of the Belfer Center's Iran Project, is a multi-media platform for the best analysis and facts about issues relating to all policy aspects of Iranian affairs. A panel of experts at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, co-chaired by Graham Allison and Payam Mohseni, will provide regular updates, wide-ranging analysis, and detailed explanations of Iranian politics.

Our Blog showcases dynamic analyses and commentaries authored by Belfer Center experts as well as analysts from across the globe. This includes submissions from scholars, academics, and laypersons on all topics of Iranian politics and policy. Our Research section is a database of official publications and studies produced by the Belfer Center’s Iran Project, its affiliates, and faculty members on various aspects of Iranian affairs.

In our Domestic Politics, Religion & Politics, Economy, and Nuclear pages, you will find a collection of our topic-specific primers, graphics, publications, and research sources. These pages serve as detailed and in-depth academic surveys for students, researchers, and enthusiasts interested in understanding the most important developments in Iran.

Finally, our News section is a weekly-updated archive of news and media collections covering the most pressing events, updates, and analyses on various aspects of Iranian politics. This section also contains an archive of media mentions and quotes produced by our in-house experts and featured in national and international press.

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