IAEA Nuclear Security Plan
The objectives of the IAEA’s Nuclear Security Plan’s are to contribute to the global efforts to achieve effective security for nuclear material in use, transport, or storage by supporting state efforts to establish, maintain, and improve effective nuclear security measures. Such support includes assistance in capacity building, human resource development, guidance, and sustainability and risk reduction. The Nuclear Security Plans are also intended to aid states in implementing and adhering to key international legal instruments relating to nuclear security.  

IAEA Nuclear Security Reports
The IAEA Nuclear Security Reports detail activities relating to nuclear security undertaken by the IAEA, points to specific accomplishments over the prior year, and sets out goals and priorities for the year to come.

IAEA Nuclear Security Series
The IAEA Nuclear Security Series is a series of publications that provides guidance to states regarding how to approach nuclear security issues. The publications are separated into four categories: Nuclear Security Fundamentals, Recommendations, Implementing Guides, and Technical Guidance. The documents provide policy recommendations to states, and also describe the role and the capacity of the IAEA as it relates to specific issues. The Nuclear Security Guidance Committee, which is composed of representatives from each IAEA member state, oversees the publication and review of all Nuclear Security Series publications. As of February 2014 there have been 20 total publications in the series.

Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources
"A group of technical and legal experts prepared the text of the attached model forms to facilitate the exchange of information in relation to the import and export of Category 1 and 2 sources, pursuant to the IAEA publication on Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources. These forms are available in six languages and are provided for information only. The IAEA cannot accept any responsibility for their subsequent use or modification." (click here to view)

IAEA Incident and Trafficking Database (ITBD)
The ITDB is the official IAEA database cataloguing all incidents of trafficking and illicit use of nuclear or radiological material. This includes loss or unauthorized possession inside borders, as well as the illegal trafficking across borders. As of December 31, 2012, 120 states participate in the ITDB, reporting all such incidents to the IAEA. It currently contains 2,331 reported incidents, 16 of which involved highly enriched uranium or plutonium. (click here to view)

IAEA Nuclear Security Achievements 2002-2012
The IAEA Nuclear Security Achievements publication gives an overview of the IAEA programs related to nuclear security, as well as detailing the accomplishments of the organization over the past decade. The document outlines the central threats the world faces regarding nuclear security, what steps states can take to mitigate these threats, and what the IAEA has done to assist states in these efforts. (click here to view)