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Analysis & Opinions - The Boston Globe

How to Build US-Iran Relations

| September 26, 2007

"...Iran has not suspended its uranium enrichment program, but it has not ignored the UN Security Council resolutions on Iran either, as can be discerned in the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency citing "significant progress" in Iran-IAEA cooperation. With the United States and Iran talking in Iraq and Iran-IAEA cooperation yielding concrete results in terms of Iran's nuclear transparency, the stage is potentially set for de-escalating the US-Iran tensions, particularly if both sides adopt a long-term view and sort out the security dimension."

Analysis & Opinions - Agence Global

Saving the Peace Pipeline

| August 17, 2007

"...in light of the IPI’s potential contribution to regional development, complementing the North-South corridor under consideration by the member states of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), it may be a good idea to revamp the IPI into a consortium that opens the possibility of a future role by other regional parties, both in terms of investment as well as linkage with the regional gas network."

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| 2007

Iran has not acted as a dragon breathing ideological fire across the region, but rather as a traditional entrepreneur and reliable trader.

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Analysis & Opinions - Agence Global

Iran's Diplomacy in Action

| August 23, 2006

In this insider's assessment of Iran's long-awaited response to the incentive package offered by the United States and other world powers, the authors argue that this is an opportunity for diplomacy that could actually halt Iran's nuclear enrichment and address the concerns of the West.

Analysis & Opinions - The Boston Globe

Finding Compromise in Iran

| June 15, 2006

"...If Iran is willing to agree to a deal under which it would remain legally committed not to build nuclear weapons, no more centrifuges would be added, and extensive verification would be allowed, that would be far better for US security than letting insistence on zero propel a drift toward confrontation. After all, failure to reach agreement would mean no limit on Iran's centrifuges, and a drift in the direction of sanctions and potential military strikes, with all the dangers they would hold...."