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A Moroccan soldier stands guard amid debris on the site of the market in the Grand Place Square in the Medina district of Khenifra, Aug. 26, 1955, resulting from the previous week's bloody riots as French officials, headed by Premier Edgar Faure, struggle

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Journal Article - Quarterly Journal: International Security

Triggering Nationalist Violence: Competition and Conflict in Uprisings against Colonial Rule

| Fall 2010

In some former colonies, nationalist movements erupted into intractable wars, terrorist campaigns, and rural insurgencies. In other places, however, nationalist organizations achieved their goals using peaceful strategies such as bargaining, diplomacy, and popular protest. Existing studies have examined various dimensions of nationalist violence, yet none explain where and why violence erupts in the first place. The theory of competitive violence, however, posits that in locations where colonial powers suppressed nationalist opposition and encouraged competition among nationalist leaders, violence was more likely to occur.