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Following a discussion of the Iran nuclear deal at a Harvard Kennedy School JFK Jr. Forum in October, Ambassador Wendy Stewart speaks with a member of the audience.

(Photo by Martha Stewart)

- Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center Newsletter

Center Welcomes Global Leaders

This fall, the Belfer Center welcomed a number of distinguished leaders as new senior fellows and visiting scholars. Eight new arrivals come from a range of high-profile public policy backgrounds, and each brings significant and varied expertise to Harvard Kennedy School and the Belfer Center.

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The Kremlin’s Tragic Miscalculation

| Nov. 03, 2015

"The EU and the US must remain firm and united in their policy toward Russia." Former NATO Secretary General and fall 2015 Fisher Family Fellow, Anders Fogh Rasmussen examines Russian aggression against Ukraine in an Op-Ed for Project Syndicate, in which he stresses the importance of a strong Western front led by NATO, the US, and the EU to compel Russia toward constructive engagement.