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A section of the Delegen mountain range, near Uzynbulak, Kazakhstan.

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Lessons from Kazakhstan

| January 2017

The work of reducing WMD threats remains as critical today as it was in December 1991. Though these threats have changed in time, the world still faces WMD challenges as daunting and diverse as those Kazakhstan inherited.

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- Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center Newsletter

Four International Experts Named Senior Fellows

| Spring 2016

The Belfer Center is honored to be joined this semester by four distinguished leaders—two from the United States and two from Great Britain—who bring extensive experience and valuable insights to the Belfer Center and the larger Harvard community. Andrew Weber and Kurt Campbell share their expertise in biosecurity and the Asia-Pacific, respectively, while Douglas Alexander and Peter Westmacott focus on addressing issues through diplomacy and transatlantic relations.