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Journal Article - Quarterly Journal: International Security

Correspondence: How Good Are China’s Antiaccess/ Area-Denial Capabilities

| Spring 2017

Andrew S. Erickson; Evan Braden Montgomery; and Craig Neuman respond to Stephen Biddle and Ivan Oelrich's Summer 2016 article, "Future Warfare in the Western Pacific: Chinese Antiaccess/Area Denial, U.S. AirSea Battle, and Command of the Commons in East Asia."

Entry to No. 6907 Factory of PLA , off Luoyu Rd in Wuhan, China, 27 Aug. 2008. China increasingly develops weapnos systems indigenously, making it  difficult to assess the costs and capabilities of even its most conspicuous investments.

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Journal Article - ASAN Forum

The Budget This Time: Taking the Measure of China's Defense Spending

| April 11, 2014

"China's rapid rise in national power across the board and the pace and scale of its increasing investment in the PLA, together with its limited willingness to release a breakdown of how this money is spent, ensure that the annual announcement of its official defense budget for the forthcoming fiscal year attracts considerable attention."

Munitions are on display at a Chinese military post near Beijing April 24, 2013, as U.S. Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, not shown, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, receives a briefing on Chinese helicopter aviation, 24 April 2013.

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Analysis & Opinions - The Wall Street Journal

Full Steam Ahead: China's Ever-Increasing Military Budget

| March 5, 2014

"A rebalancing of domestic priorities may ultimately allow Beijing to see greater benefits to cooperating with other countries in certain security situations. At the same time that they encourage China to increase its military transparency and contributions to cooperative security, the challenge for the U.S. and its allies will be how best to expend funding and focus to deter China from using force—or the threat of force—to resolve island and maritime claims disputes in its favor."

The Peoples Liberation Army Navy Ship HAERBIN (DDG112), a LUHU Destroyer, on a visit to Auckland, New Zealand.

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Journal Article - The China Quarterly

Demystifying China's Defense Spending: Less Mysterious in the Aggregate

| December 2013

This article offers greater context and perspective for Chinese and Western discussions of China's rise and concomitant military build-up through a nuanced and comprehensive assessment of its defence spending and military transparency.