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volunteers from Baptists On Mission and Home Builders Institute work at the home of Clifton Hall, assisting with ongoing repairs due to damage caused by Hurricane Florence

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Journal Article - Climate Policy

Economic Incentives for Coastal Homeowner Adaptation to Climate Change

  • Tracy Kijewski-Correa
  • Debra Javeline
  • William Kakenmaster
| 2023

Strategies to encourage adaptation to climate change are urgently needed, particularly to preempt common ineffective and maladaptive responses. The United States provides a notable case study for testing the potential for economic incentives to drive voluntary adaptation in vulnerable coastal communities where mandates through building codes have proven insufficient to limit economic losses. This paper analyzes a novel survey of 662 coastal households in the hurricane-exposed state of North Carolina.

Students marching in Milan

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Journal Article - Global Environmental Politics

Is Democracy the Answer to Intractable Climate Change?

| 2023

While research suggests that democracy offers an answer to the climate crisis, evidence of the effect of regime type on greenhouse gas emissions is mixed and yields inconclusive findings. This article investigates the effect of regime type on carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane emissions and presents new evidence showing that when it comes to climate change mitigation, democracies are no greener than autocracies.