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For the Defense: Ash Carter

| Dec. 07, 2017

Ash Carter is a physicist and a defense-policy expert, having served in government periodically for decades. He was secretary of defense from 2015 to 2017. He has spent his academic career at Harvard, where he is today. In this “Q&A,” Jay Nordlinger asks him about some of the biggest issues: nuclear proliferation, North Korea, Iran, the size of the U.S. military. He also asks about the relation between our servicemen and the general American population. Is there too great a gulf between them? Do people sentimentalize our military? Is it okay to say “Thank you for your service”?

- Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center Newsletter

Women in Combat

| Fall/Winter 2017-2018

On December 3, 2015, then Secretary of Defense Ash Carter made an announcement that would transform the U.S. military: all combat jobs in every branch of the military would be open to women. At a Harvard Kennedy School event this fall, Carter talked about his historic decision.

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The 2017 Budget: Taking the Long View, Investing for the Future

| Feb. 25, 2016

By working together, I am confident we can succeed, because in many ways we already have. If we think back to those defense investments and decisions that changed the course of our nation’s and our military’s history for the better — and not just in technologies like GPS, the Internet, and satellite communications, but also in other areas, like the all-volunteer force — they were all able to benefit our security and our society because they garnered support across the aisle, across branches of government, and across multiple administrations.

This image provided by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency shows a Standard Missile - 3 (SM-3) being launched from the Japanese destroyer JS Myoko during a joint missile defense intercept test.

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The Way Forward on Missile Defense

| June 17, 2010

"Iran's continued pursuit of an illicit nuclear program and North Korea's rash intimidation after sinking a South Korean navy ship are but the most recent reminders of the real need for effective U.S. missile defenses," write Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy and Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Ashton Carter.

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Harvard Kennedy School’s Ashton Carter Nominated as Pentagon’s Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

| February 26, 2009

President Barack Obama announced Monday that he has nominated Dr. Ashton B. Carter to serve as Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.


Report of the Strategic Security Issues Delegation to Taiwan and the People's Republic of China (PRC)

| June 22 - July 1, 2008

Full text of the trip report from PDP's Track II meetings in Taiwan and the People's Republic of China (PRC).