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Youth Gangs and the White Power Movement

| Sep. 15, 2021

Guest Shannon Reid joins Right Rising to discuss youth gang activism within the white power movement in the U.S. — and the historical and contemporary conceptions of gang activity. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Shannon walks us through the geography of white power gangs and gives insight into what drives youths to join these gangs. Bringing her own experiences working with youth gangs, Shannon offers some suggestions about what kinds of interventions may — or may not — be useful when working with white power youth.

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Welcome Back to Right Rising: Season 2

| Sep. 01, 2021

 Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Matthew Feldman walks us through the Center for the Analysis of the Radical Right's growing projects and collaborations and how he thinks about the particularly unique contribution of the organization to understanding the radical right. Bringing in his own experiences as an expert witness and public-facing academic, Matthew reveals why this particular brand of radical right extremism is so potent — and what we need to keep an eye on in the year ahead.

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New Book Spotlight — Homegrown Hate

| May 11, 2021

Guest Dr. Sara Kamali joins Right Rising to discuss her new book Homegrown Hate: Why White Nationalists and Militant Islamists Are Waging War against the United States. Dr. Kamali talks listeners through some of the critical aspects of understanding white nationalism explored in Homegrown Hate. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, she breaks down commonly misunderstood concepts — from Christian identitarians to white ethnostate — to help us grapple with the big question — what ultimately can we do to stop these groups?

PEGIDA demonstration in Dresden

Wikimedia CC/Kalispera Dell

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Germany's PEGIDA and Historical Memory on the Far Right

| Apr. 27, 2021

Guest Sabine Volk joins Right Rising to discuss PEGIDA — a German far-right organization with a distinctly pan-European agenda. Sabine breaks down how PEGIDA manages to continue organizing mass rallies amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically through the organization's use of historical memory and mobilization rituals.

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The Anti-Gender Movement

| Apr. 13, 2021

Guest Haley McEwen joins Right Rising to walk listeners through the anti-gender movement, a transnational coalition of conservative activists and civil society organizations working to counter political and social gains made by local and international feminists and LGBTQI+ movements.

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The Australian Radical Right

| Mar. 16, 2021

Guest Mario Peucker joins Right Rising to walk us through the history of the radical right in Australia. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Mario explores some of the critical issues for the radical right leading to the Christchurch terror attacks in 2019 and how Australian far-right activism has changed during the COVID-19 crisis.

KKK meeting with Portland leaders

Oregon Historical Society

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Understanding the Geography of the Radical Right

| Mar. 02, 2021

Guest Alexander Reid Ross joins Right Rising to breakdown the geography of the radical right. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Alexander takes us through a series of geographic hotspots of the far-right — specifically in the Pacific Northwest — to explain how location intersects with the development of radical right groups