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Ideology and Far Right Ecologism

| Feb. 16, 2021

Guest Balsa Lubarda joins Right Rising to walk us through the basics of what scholars mean by "ideology" and how it relates to far-right ecologism. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Balsa takes us on a deep dive into the world of what he calls "far-right ecologism." He explains how various ideological threads of the radical right, far right, and Christian ecology intersect in far-right ecologism. In today's discussion, Balsa and Augusta consider some of the implications of the growth of far-right ecologism for the environmental justice movement and national green parties.

Audio - Right Rising

The Prevent Duty and the United Kingdom's Counter-Terrorism Strategy

| Feb. 02, 2021

Guest Natalie James joins Right Rising to breakdown the Prevent Duty, a controversial counter-terrorism program created by the United Kingdom. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Natalie takes us on a deep dive into the Prevent Duty's evolution and how it demands individual responsibility for combatting radicalization. In today's discussion, Natalie and Augusta consider some of the Prevent Duty's controversial aspects, particularly the criticism that it disproportionately targets Muslim communities and how it identifies who is "vulnerable" to radicalization.

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The Far Right on the March — Understanding Demonstrations

| Jan. 19, 2021

Guest Michael Zeller joins Right Rising to unpack why it's so important not just to study the online presence of far right groups, but also their demonstrations and mobilizations. Breaking down the importance of demonstrations to far right groups, Zeller helps us understand the various ways this mass mobilization ends.

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The Far Right's Alternative History

| Jan. 05, 2021

Guest Louie Dean Valencia-García joins Right Rising to discuss how far right movements create counter-narratives to accepted understandings of history. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Louie takes on a deep dive into how the far-right's "alt histories" circulate all over the globe and the role that historians play in combatting that spread.

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The QAnon Conspiracy and Momfluencers

| Oct. 27, 2020

Guest Ashley Mattheis joins Right Rising to break down the QAnon conspiracy and its growth during the COVID-19 crisis. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Ashley walks us through the mainstreaming of conspiracy theories after the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and how these ideas spread across social media. Finally, Ashley takes us on a deep dive into the world of "Momfluencers" and how their conceptions of motherhood have catalyzed QAnon's reach into the mainstream.