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Bridging-Based Ranking

  • Aviv Ovadya
| May 17, 2022

There is significant concern about the engagement-based ranking systems used by TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc. to recommend content.

Bridging-based ranking systems can address one of the most dangerous aspects of such algorithmic recommendations—the push toward polarization and divisiveness that is tearing nations apart—and do so without reducing anonymity or increasing censorship.

This report explores what bridging-based ranking is, how it helps (overcoming downsides of chronological feeds and middleware), addresses common objections, and provides early examples of its use and benefits in the wild. The report concludes by providing next steps for platforms, governments, funders, and researchers in order to accelerate the deployment of bridging.


TAPP Fellowship 2021-2022 Report Round Up

  • Afsaneh Rigot
  • Aviv Ovadya
  • Francella Ochillo
  • Leisel Bogan
  • Livio Valenti
  • Stephen Larrick
| May 17, 2022

The  Technology and Public Purpose Fellows  hosted by the Belfer Center’s Technology and Public Purpose Project (TAPP) is a showcase of the TAPP fellowship cohort’s research projects. TAPP Fellows are government, industry, and civil society practitioners that conduct field-based research on issues relating to technology and public purpose over the course of one academic year.