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Supporters flash their smartphones lights as they join the protesters singing

AP/Vincent Thian

Journal Article - Journal of Global Security Studies

Glee and Grievance: Emotive Events and Campaign Size in Nonviolent Resistance

| December 2022

While scholars of nonviolent resistance recognize that large-scale campaigns are more likely to be successful campaigns, scholars and policymakers currently have little understanding of why some nonviolent protests grow into mass movements while others do not. In this article, the authors explore campaign size and, in particular, the role of individual and collective motives in facilitating the growth of nonviolent campaigns.

Protest in Chile

Wikimedia CC/Carlos Figueroa

Analysis & Opinions - The Washington Post

This May Be the Largest Wave of Nonviolent Mass Movements in World History. What Comes Next?

| Nov. 16, 2019

The authors write that this may be the largest wave of nonviolent mass movements in world history. What comes next? Social media has made mass protests easier to organize — but, perhaps paradoxically, harder to resolve.