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Israeli settler youths ride on a donkey with an Israeli flag

AP/Ariel Schalit

Analysis & Opinions - Haaretz

My Day With the West Bank Settlers Who Are Destroying Zionism

| Oct. 10, 2019

Chuck Freilich writes that he found good and caring people; the only problem was that they are living in denial, in a fervent but alternative reality where the occupation is not only sustainable but irreversible. The catastrophic experience of binational states, such as Syria, Iraq, and Ireland, does not appear to have penetrated their levels of denial.

Israeli Arab politician Ayman Odeh casts his vote in Haifa

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Analysis & Opinions - Haaretz

Israel Election Results: Netanyahu Will Pull Out All the Stops — Including Military Action — to Hold on to Power

| Sep. 18, 2019

Chuck Freilich writes that Israelis voted to save their democracy. But the country may soon face a severe constitutional crisis if Netanyahu, facing political failure and criminal prosecution, adopts Nixon-style desperate measures.

a speedboat of Iran's Revolutionary Guard moving around the British-flagged oil tanker Stena Impero

Tasnim News Agency via AP/Morteza Akhoondi

Analysis & Opinions - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Never Waste a Good Crisis

| July 29, 2019

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has asked top experts from a variety of countries and with a variety of points of view to offer their best and most realistic advice on how the U.S.-Iran impasse might be broken, so a war that neither the United States nor Iran seems eager to begin can be averted. Chuck Freilich writes that the objective is a better deal, and a combination of coercive diplomacy, applied patiently over time, along with a willingness to compromise may make this possible. A "better deal" can only be achieved, however, if it is better for both sides. 

Israeli flags

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Analysis & Opinions - Haaretz

Enlightened, Beautiful, Two-state Israel Should Declare Independence From Jewish Fundamentalists

| June 30, 2019

In a tongue-in-cheek op-ed, Chuck Freilich writes that unless September's re-run elections lead to major change, the enlightened part of Israel will have to secede — and declare its own national independence.

Election posters in Israel, April 8, 2019.

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Analysis & Opinions - International Institute for Strategic Studies

Israel's Election

| April 2019

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears most likely to form Israel's next government following its election on 9 April, although it is unclear how stable such a government would be. Further elections within the next two years are quite possible. Whatever the outcome of the election, Israel's next leader will be forced to address a range of serious and interrelated strategic challenges.

Book Chapter - Oxford University Press

Israel's National Security Policy

| 2019

This article presents both the fundamental changes that have taken place in Israel's strategic environment, from conventional, state-based threats to primarily asymmetrical ones, and the responses it has developed to date. It also addresses Israel's relations with the United States and other primary international actors, as well as Israel's nuclear and regional arms control policy.