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Press Release - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Belfer Center Convenes Council on the Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence

| Jan. 22, 2019

CAMBRIDGE MA – Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs has convened the inaugural meeting of The Council on the Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a new effort to address critical questions about this far-reaching and rapidly evolving application for data and technology.  

David Eaves and Vanita Gupta at JFK Forum

Martha Stewart

- Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

digital HKS Offers Leaders Tools to Understand How Digital Applications Transform Government

| Fall/Winter 2018-2019

digital HKS is an independent project committed to understanding the relationship between digital technology, open data, and digital rights as they relate to the public interest. Newly based at the Belfer Center, digital HKS achieves this by developing research, curriculum, and events as well as serving as a steward for the government digital services and public interest technology practitioner communities—two groups at the forefront of this work.

Report - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

2018 State of Digital Transformation

| October 2018

On June 12-13, 2018, digital HKS welcomed public sector digital services teams from around the world to share stories of success, talk about lessons learned, and discuss the challenges they face in transforming government. The teams convened all agreed on North Star goals of building platform services and putting users at the center; what remains much more difficult is identifying how teams in very different political and technology contexts should think about how to reach that end-state. In this report, digital HKS shares best practices we gleaned from this group, to start a broader conversation for digital services groups around the world about what comes next.

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Analysis & Opinions - The Commons

Why We Should Teach Public Policy Students More about Technology (and Coding)

| Sep. 05, 2018

Over the last several years, a fascinating trend has emerged among students applying and entering to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. A small but fast-growing number are taking classes in data science and machine learning. They’re asking professors for more direct coding experience – and increasingly are critical of the skills imparted by required courses in statistics and data. They’re filling up optional tutorials offered by more tech-savvy parts of the University on GIS, data visualization, and web scraping. There is a broad, large interest in learning more about technology – especially the interaction between technology and governance. This change is being driven by student demand, not supply – and there’s a risk that supply is moving too slowly.

IBM’s Watson famously beat two all-time champions on the quiz show "Jeopardy!" in 2011.

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Analysis & Opinions - GOVERNING

The Fast-Follower Strategy for Technology in Government

| Aug. 27, 2018

We work with a number of public-sector leaders who want technology innovation to be a cornerstone of their public service and spend much of their tenure sprinting after flashy new tech tools. Some have a clear and genuine goal to improve services or efficiency; others might see tech as a way to motivate headlines and enthusiasm. Regardless of motivation, this approach is a trap.