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Analysis & Opinions - Christian Science Monitor

In the Name of Peace, Israelis and Palestinians Should Become European

| November 26, 2008

"...The dual identity of a supranational entity comprised of peaceful national states holds the answer for both sides' most profound concerns. For Israelis, EU membership offers physical security and permanent legitimacy. For Palestinians, membership means a territorial settlement, including a return, of sorts, of their lands through the new joint European source of security and authority over them."

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Journal Article - Journal of Dispute Resolution

Discord 'Behind the Table': The Internal Conflict Among Israeli Jews Concerning the Future of Settlements in the West Bank and Gaza

| May 2005

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deeply paradoxical: the basic outline of a deal is reasonably clear and yet this violent conflict persists with over 4,000 causalities since the collapse of the last significant effort to bring peace in 2000. The paper suggests that this paradox stems from internal conflicts on each side.

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Journal Article - Nevada Law Journal

Barriers to Progress at the Negotiation Table: Internal Conflicts among Israelis and among Palestinians

A profound paradox characterizes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: While the outline of a two-state solution that would better serve the interests of most Israelis and most Palestinians is reasonably clear, leaders of both parties are unable to reach agreement across the negotiation table this seemingly intractable, often violent, conflict persists.