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The Economic Consequences and Generational Impact of the Digital Divide

  • Francella Ochillo
| May 17, 2022

This research was designed to explore three primary questions. First, is there a predominant race and socioeconomic class of the populations most frequently impacted by the digital divide? Second, does the digital divide impose a collective cost that is shared with digitally disadvantaged and connected households? Third, should investing in digital equity be a national priority? The analysis documents why the answer to all three of those questions is a resounding yes.


TAPP Fellowship 2021-2022 Report Round Up

  • Afsaneh Rigot
  • Aviv Ovadya
  • Francella Ochillo
  • Leisel Bogan
  • Livio Valenti
  • Stephen Larrick
| May 17, 2022

The  Technology and Public Purpose Fellows  hosted by the Belfer Center’s Technology and Public Purpose Project (TAPP) is a showcase of the TAPP fellowship cohort’s research projects. TAPP Fellows are government, industry, and civil society practitioners that conduct field-based research on issues relating to technology and public purpose over the course of one academic year.

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Analysis & Opinions

Will Dreams for Equality Be Deferred by Gaps in Technology?

  • Francella Ochillo
| Feb. 28, 2022

High broadband access and adoption rates can significantly improve earnings and net worth. Yet, year after year, Black and Brown Americans are among the most disparately impacted by digital inequities, which only contribute to the structural economic disparities that have tormented them for centuries. This tribute to Black History Month explains why historic investments in digital infrastructure are insufficient without transformational broadband policies that support economic resilience in every household.