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Report - National Security Advisory Group

The U.S. Military: Under Strain and at Risk

| Jan. 25, 2006

The National Security Advisory Group sounds a warning, raising awareness about the state of our ground forces today and the very real risk that poses to our future security. The group also proposes an action plan for restoring the health and vitality of the U.S. military.

Report - National Security Advisory Group

Worst Weapons in Worst Hands: U.S. Inaction on the Nuclear Terror Threat Since 9/11, and a Path of Action

| July 20, 2005

The gravest threat facing Americans today is a terrorist detonating a nuclear bomb in one of our cities. The National Security Advisory Group (NSAG) judges that the Bush administration is taking insufficient actions to counter this threat.


Project on National Security Reform - Preliminary Findings

  • Norman R. Augustine
  • General (ret.) Charles G. Boyd
  • Daniel W. Christman
  • Ruth A. David
  • Leon Fuerth
  • Newt Gingrich
  • James R. Locher III
  • James M. Loy
  • Jessica Tuchman Mathews
  • John McLaughlin
  • Carlos Pascual
  • Amb. Thomas R. Pickering
  • Jeffrey H. Smith
  • Dr. James B. Steinberg
  • Ken Weinstein
  • Amb. David M. Abshire
| July 2008

The Project on National Security Reform (PNSR) - a bipartisan, private-public partnership sponsored by the Center for the Study of the Presidency - has released its preliminary findings on needed changes in the national security system (covering both international and homeland security). PNSR's goal is approval of a new system early in the next administration. It envisions three sets of reforms: new presidential directives or executive orders, a new national security act, and amendments to Senate and House rules.