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Mariana Budjeryn Comments during Panel Discussion

Benn Craig/ HKS

Seminar - Open to the Public

From Nuclear Energy to Nuclear Deterrence: Update on Ukraine

Wed., Mar. 9, 2022 | 10:00am - 11:15am

Wexner Building - Room 434 A-B

Project on Managing the Atom (MTA) hosts a timely discussion focused on the nuclear implications of the evolving conflict in Ukraine. Our panelists will discuss the Budapest Memorandum, security of Ukrainian nuclear facilities, and the risks of nuclear escalation.

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While this virtual event is on the record, the event organizers prohibit any attendees, including journalists, from audio/visual recording or distributing parts or all of the event program without prior written authorization. 

L-8, a United States Navy blimp whose two-man crew vanished under mysterious circumstances, floats unmanned over San Francisco, California, on August 16, 1942.

U.S. National Archives

Seminar - Open to the Public

Disarmament by Replacement: Balloons, Bio, and Nuclear Weapons

Thu., Dec. 16, 2021 | 12:15pm - 2:00pm


Speaker: Heather Williams, Research Fellow, International Security Program/Project on Managing the Atom

Why would states give up nuclear weapons? What can historical cases of disarmament teach scholars and policymakers about a pathway to nuclear elimination? One model of disarmament is delegitimization, when humanitarian concerns, legal mechanisms, or changes in international norms cause the elimination of weapons. Another explanation is that disarmament occurs when there is an easing of tensions in geopolitics. But both of these models fail to consider advances in military technology and how these changes inform reliance on certain weaponry. This seminar offers a third model, disarmament by replacement, whereby the relative military utility of a weapon is a decisive factor in disarmament.

Everyone is welcome to join us online via Zoom! Please register in advance for this seminar: