Hilary Rantisi is the Director of the Middle East Initiative (MEI) at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government's (HKS) Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. She received her Master’s degree in Middle East Studies from the University of Chicago. As Director, Hilary has expanded MEI’s program offerings to best serve a variety of constituents, including Harvard students, faculty, staff and alumni, regional partners and peoples in the Middle East and the general public. Hilary has spearheaded MEI’s growth, enhancing critical learning on and about the Middle East at Harvard through multi-disciplinary Executive Education programs, high-level sector specific workshops, faculty research and support, student mentoring and internship funding, professional development seminars, public education events and more.

Prior to joining HKS, Hilary worked with civil society organizations in Israel-Palestine and focused on religion, politics, and grassroots mobilization efforts in Jerusalem. She co-edited the book Our Story (1999) and has written numerous journal articles, and been an active public speaker on issues pertaining to the Middle East region. Hilary is a native Arabic speaker.

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