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A man celebrates holding a Ukrainian flag over his head.

AP Photo/Yevhenii Zavhorodnii

Report - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Strengthening Ukrainian Resiliency in the Medium to Long Term

| May 2023

Given the potential for a long war this paper offers an assessment of key economic and political factors which will help define Ukraine’s capacity to effectively resist Russian aggression, occupation, and ultimately strengthen affected sectors of society. It offers corresponding recommendations for policymakers in Washington and Europe. 

Ukrainian soldiers on a tank in Ukraine during the war with Russia.

AP Photo/Leo Correa, File

Analysis & Opinions - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Giving Ukraine Heavy Weapons is Deterrence, Not Escalation

| Sep. 28, 2022

Ukraine has recently signaled to Washington that it needs long-range missile systems to continue with its impressive offensive that has, according to Zelensky, brought back under Ukrainian control more than 6,000 square kilometers. The U.S. should fulfill Ukraine’s request as it will end the war sooner and save many more lives, including from Russia’s terrorizing mass murders recently revealed in the city of Izyum.

A cargo ship on the sea.

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Analysis & Opinions - The National Interest

The Looming Threat of Russia’s Black Sea Ambitions

| Aug. 14, 2022

NATO itself must strengthen its presence in the Black Sea via Romania and Bulgaria and invest in ramping up Moldova’s security against a Russian invasion. Additionally, the United States and its partners should intensify sanctions against Russia to limit its fleet construction. It should also pressure countries such as India that are taking advantage of sanctions against Russia to increase their trade with the aggressor state.

Soldiers in military uniform marching.

AP Photo/Alexandr Kulikov, file

Analysis & Opinions - Foreign Affairs

Time for NATO to Take the Lead in Ukraine

| Aug. 04, 2022

Since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February, the West has provided billions in military and economic assistance aid to Kyiv. The United States alone has provided more than $8 billion in security support in the last six months. The money and arms are making a difference on the battlefield. The recently delivered U.S.-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), for example, have allowed Ukraine to launch counteroffensives in the southeast and repel attacks elsewhere.

Soldiers help out civilians, including a man in a wheel chair to flee across a crashing bridge.

AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti, File

Analysis & Opinions - Atlantic Council

Ukraine urgently needs a multi-billion dollar international fund to survive

| Mar. 08, 2022

Less than two weeks into Putin’s Ukraine War, the conflict has already left much of the country in ruins. After encountering unexpectedly tough resistance from Ukrainian forces in the initial days of the invasion, the Russian military has since focused its efforts on the indiscriminate bombing of Ukrainian towns and cities.