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(ESCWA, 2018)

(ESCWA, 2018)

Report - United Nations

Social Development Report 2: Inequality, Autonomy and Change in the Arab Region

| May, 2018

This report, the second Social Development Report from ESCWA, documents an increase in inequality of access to good quality education and to good jobs in several countries of the region, which may further entrench income inequalities. 

(Economic Research Forum)

(Economic Research Forum)

Journal Article - Economic Research Forum

Does Education Indoctrinate? The Effect of Education on Political Preferences In Democracies and Autocracies

| April, 2018

Using World Value Survey and European Value Study data spanning 96 countries and over 300,000 individuals, we first establish that the regime type individuals live under moderates the correlation between education and political values. While more education is always associated with more political emancipation, the effect is larger in democracies than in autocracies.

(Middle East Development Journal)

(Middle East Development Journal)

Journal Article

Debunking myth: economic values in the Arab Worldthrough the prism of opinion polls

| Mar. 21, 2018

Using World Value Survey opinion poll data, we empirically characterize the economic values and norms held by individuals in the Arab world, in comparison to values held in the rest of the world. We find that, contrary to some common beliefs, there are many values that predispose citizens of Arab countries to be part of a market economy, including a high level of work ethics, comfort with competition and the work of markets, and a high level of economic motivation.

(Business and politics)

(Business and politics)

Journal Article - Cambridge University Press

Private banking and crony capitalism in Egypt

| Mar. 01, 2018

This paper looks at the relationship between banking and cronyism in Egypt. A key puzzle that it tries to resolve is why private banks may lend in preferential ways to politically connected firms. In doing so, it tries to identify the causal pathways that link bank lending decisions to the corporate characteristics of politically connected firms.

(Economic Research Forum)

(Economic Research Forum)

Paper - Economic Research Forum

Diaspora Networks as a Bridge between Civilizations

| May, 2017

This paper explores the effect of international migration on the so-called clash of civilizations. Exploiting Gallup data on North Africa and the Middle East, we study the impact of having family members abroad on opinions about the relation between the Western and Muslim worlds.

(AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

(AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Analysis & Opinions - Project Syndicate

The Arab Spring and the Western Winter

| Mar. 27, 2017

There are many striking parallels between the 2010-2011 “Arab Spring” and the Brexit referendum, Donald Trump’s election, and the far-right resurgence across Europe. In each case, an old order fell, and progressive parties have been too weak to counter the emergence of authoritarian and xenophobic forms of governance. 

A suppporter of the Lebanese Communist party flashes a victory sign during a demonstration to mark the Labor Day in Beirut, Lebanon, Monday May 1, 2006.

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Analysis & Opinions

Creating Jobs Through Pro-Market Rather than Pro-Business Policies

| February 2017

Creating a sufficient number of jobs to employ Lebanon’s labor force has been a key challenge for the country, even though Lebanon has adopted a pro-business policy environment. This policy brief argues that policies supporting particular businesses are not constructive. Instead, Lebanese policy makers need to embrace a broader pro-market approach, which includes institutional reforms to reduce business-government transaction costs and enhance competition. 

Israeli Arab youths, from the scouts youth movement, prepare for a parade for the Eid al-Adha festival in the mixed Arab Jewish neighborhood of Jaffa, near Tel Aviv, Israel, Monday, Sept. 12, 2016.

AP Photo/Oded Balilty


Event Podcast: "Arab Human Development Report 2016: Youth and the Prospects for Human Development"

| January 30, 2017

Audio recording of a January 30, 2017 panel discussion on the 2016 Arab Human Development Report from the United Nations Development Programme on Youth and the Prospects for Human Development in a Changing Reality, featuring Jad Chaaban, Lead Author of the report and Associate Professor of Economics at the American University of Beirut (AUB), Ishac Diwan, MEI Visiting Scholar and Chaire D'Excellence Monde Arabe at Paries Sciences et Lettres, Melani Cammett, Professor of Government, Harvard University and Adel Abdellatif, Senior Strategic Advisor, Regional Bureau for Arab States, United Nations Development Programme. .

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Journal Article

Preference for Democracy in the Arab World

| Dec. 14, 2016

We take a new look at the question of the Arab democratic exception by looking at the preference for democracy among individuals in the Arab world in a comparative context. We use the new sixth wave of the World Value Survey, which was collected between 2012 and 2013, and which included for the first time 12 Arab countries (up from only four in wave 5) and 68 non-Arab countries.