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Jake Sullivan


Seminar - Open to the Public

Jake Sullivan: Where are the Democrats Headed on Foreign Policy?

Tue., Oct. 30, 2018 | 4:15pm - 5:45pm

Littauer Building - Malkin Penthouse, 4th Floor

Democrats are not just debating Trump on foreign policy, they are debating each other on big questions - the size and posture of the US military, the role of human rights and democracy, the terms and purposes of future trade agreements, the shape of competition with China and Russia, and the fundamental issue of whether the US should continue to seek a global leadership role. How will this debate play out as we head toward 2020?

Professor Nicholas Burns will moderate the discussion. 

President Trump meets with Japanese President Abe


Seminar - Open to the Public

Deconstructing Trump Foreign Policy: A Seminar with Jake Sullivan

Thu., Mar. 30, 2017 | 4:15pm - 5:45pm

Littauer Building - Malkin Penthouse, 4th Floor

Jake Sullivan, Future of Diplomacy Project Senior Fellow, will analyze the Trump Administration's foreign policy strategy in a discussion moderated by Nicholas Burns, Faculty Director of the Future of Diplomacy Project and Goodman Family Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Politics.