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Justin Dargin Delivers Keynote Lecture at the 2011 LNG Global Summit (Doha)

| Nov. 29, 2011

Justin Dargin, Associate for the Dubai Initiative, served as Chairman of the LNG Technology World Summit 2011 in Doha, Qatar. He also delivered the keynote lecture at the event, brought speakers and panelists together to share their insights which will be indispensable to strengthen and create more efficient markets and develop effective competition energy industry.


The Dimensions of Resource Nationalism

| Forthcoming, September 2012

This book illustrates the historical trajectory of resource nationalism, spanning from its articulation as a legal system to extract resources in the Americas by imperial Spain to an anti-colonial platform developed to increase state control over the energy sector. In a fresh review of this contentious topic, this book provides a broad introduction to resource nationalism and considers whether the ideology has actually contributed to the economic growth and national development of energy-rich developing countries.

This book is a timely piece that can be used as an advanced textbook for graduate students in international affairs, as well as for energy practitioners who want to expand their knowledge of this topic. General readers will also find the text relevant and applicable to an everyday understanding of the drivers of politics in energy-rich developing countries.